Fun Stuff!

Laughter and Smiles
Ryli has not laughed since her tracheotomy.  Her smiles have lessoned back to smiles only while sleeping.  However, tonight January 11, 2006 Ryli laughed through her trache and smiled a lot. She did this during my conversation of thinking how our home will have to be altered for her if things couldn't get better for her and a wheelchair was needed.  She laughed and smiled as to say "Ah Mommy, I've really got you fooled, I'm not as sick as you think, I just like the attention".  Whatever it is, it melted my heart.

Pacifier Tickling!
Ryli loves to have her pacifier messed with some times.  She’s been known to giggle or laugh when we do this to her.

Hair Tickling!
When Mom tickles Ryli’s tummy with her hair, Ryli can smile and laugh!

Bouncy Seat
Ryli has a bouncy seat that vibrates. Of course Ryan will occasionally commandeer it for his own fun. When she gets her turn, it really helps relax her. As an added benefit, it also helps keep the mucus in her lungs moving around.

Ryli gets to play on Ryan’s swing on the patio. She really likes the movement she gets on it.

Hot Tub
Ryli has always been more active in the warm water, and her legs really get moving in the hot tub. She only gets a few minutes at a time though, but she makes the best of it.

Bed Time
Because of all of Ryli's issues, she still gets to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Occasionally she goes into the cradle next to our bed, but usually she's right next to us so we can make sure she's safe.